Dental Implants: For a Complete Smile

At Dr. Lalit’s Multispeciality Dental Care Clinics, Kalyan we help you find the right dental implants that best suits your budget and lifestyle. We make sure that the dental implant gives you a natural feel and function while lasting a long time.

Dental Implant in Kalyan

Why Dental Implants?

Missing or badly damage teeth not only takes away the glitter in your smile but also cause functional issues like difficulty eating food, affect speech and a day-to-day frustration caused by the missing tooth.

Dental implants are artificial tooth extraction replacements made of titanium with a ceramic crown or a bridge that provide provides a natural feel & appearance. Dental implants are

  • A permanent and effective way of replacing the missing or damaged tooth.
  • The are extremely safe with 95% success rate when placed by a dental specialist
  • The dental Implants placed do not decay and functional just like a normal tooth.
  • As the implants does not decay Gum tissue and underlying bone remain healthier

Consult our dental Implant specialist who have been recruited after through clinical background check by Dr. Lalit himself to ensure you get the bet dental care.