Smile Design: The Perfect Smile made possible

A perfect smile goes a long way in improving the way you look and feel about yourself. A perfect smile significantly makes you look a lot more confident in front of yourself and that of others. Our Smile design and smile improvement program does just that.

Our Personalized smile designing is a treatment where our expert cosmetic dentist identifies any deficiency in your smile and suggest corrections to improve your smile. This brings about a considerably improvement in the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Smile design in kalyan

Smile Design Process:

The first time you visit one of our dental clinics in Kalyan you will have a dedicated smile specialist who will do the initial consultation, assessment and planning of your smile improvement. He will generally check and suggest improvements which will help generally revolve around

  • Adjust and bring symmetry in the horizontal, vertical smile line, Gingival or gum line.
  • Check for golden proportion which is a ratio 6:1:0.6, it indicates the amount of tooth surface that should be seen when looking directly at a smile.
  • Tooth Proportion: the perfect smile has teeth with a width to height ratio of 0.7:1.
  • Embrasure Space: which is the natural triangular space between the tip of the teeth’s

Contact our Smile specialist today to know to get that perfect smile again.